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  • HTML5 is the new buzz word in terms of web development but what is this current breakthrough and how does it actually differ compared to its predecessor, HTML 4? HTML5 is considered these days as a gateway that brings a lot of potential, changing the web as we know it. HTML5 is defined as the most advanced, the latest, and the most improved (and still being improved) version of the HTML language, aimed to fulfill the hopes of web developers and designers to create web sites which are
  • Everything these days is being transformed and translated to their more efficient versions. Manual systems are being automated; goods can now be ordered online and delivered to your doorstep; and banking can now just be a phone call away. With all these advancements, startup companies can now leverage on the advantages of mobile technology in ways more than one. Mobile technology has become a great equalizer for businesses to prosper regardless of size. With knowledge on how to take advantage
  • Apple has announced the feature set for the coming iOS 6.