Web Apps, Mobile Apps, and Mobile Sites: Brian Geisel Uncovers the Difference at Boston Rotary Club

Brian Geisel tackles the differences between web apps, mobile apps, and mobile sites at Boston Rotary Club

Brian Geisel, CEO of global development firm Geisel Software, recently gave an exclusive presentation at the Boston Rotary Club titled “Web apps, mobile apps and mobile sites: What are the differences and do you need them?”. At the September 25 presentation in Boston, Geisel earned high praise his enthusiasm, engaging style, and his ability to break down complex concepts for non-technical business owners.

“In working with businesses of all sizes, I’ve learned that most people gravitate toward mobile apps, but don’t know that there are affordable, easily-developed alternatives,” says Geisel. “At the presentation, I was able to distinguish between web apps, mobile apps, and mobile sites, and show each audience member which one worked best for their individual ventures.”

Geisel has hosted an exclusive webinar on hiring software in-house software developers for ExecSense, recorded numerous vlogs, and was recently featured in a front-page Entrepreneur Magazine article on whether software engineers and developers should work for equity. To find out more about Geisel’s speaking specialties, visit his speaker bio.

About Geisel Software
Massachusetts-based Geisel Software, led by software expert Brian Geisel, currently develops web and mobile applications for iPhones, iPads, and more. Made up of a team of developers that live across the globe, Geisel Software offers a significant edge in both local and international software design and implementation. The company has worked with many major companies including iRobot, Bit9 and Microlite. To find out more about Geisel Software, visit http://www.geisel-software.com.

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