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Looking for a speaker who can captivate, educate, and inspire? Discover why Brian Geisel, CEO and founder of Geisel Software, is the industry expert you need for your next event. With a wealth of knowledge in technology trends, IoT, and advanced technologies like AI and machine learning, Brian brings a unique blend of deep technical expertise and business acumen to the stage.

Brian Geisel, the dynamic CEO and founder of Geisel Software, is not just an award-winning developer but also a sought-after industry speaker. Recognized as the 2020 Massachusetts Small Businessperson of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration, Brian’s passion lies in harnessing the latest technologies to solve complex challenges.

A former radio host who effortlessly breaks down complex topics, Brian has presented at premier industry events including:

  • Robotics Healthcare Engineering Forum
  • SpaceCom
  • IoT Slam
  • IoT Evolution Expo
  • Liveworx
  • Embedded Innovation Week
  • Medical Device Software Engineering Forum
  • MedInnovations

His deep dives into topics like IoT, swarming robotics, simulation, computer vision, and security offer audiences both vision and actionable insights. Geisel is also a prolific blogger and has been featured in Forbes Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine,, and other major outlets.

Your world-class audience deserves a world-class speaker.

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