Software CEO Brian Geisel teaches technology in remote Guatemalan jungle

Brian Geisel teaches tech in remote Guatemala

Brian Geisel, software engineer and CEO of Geisel Software, spent almost three weeks in August building a computer lab in one of the most primitive environments possible: The Guatemalan jungle. Facing epic rainstorms, crushing humidity, and rationed Internet access, Geisel built desks, assembled computers, and helped dozens of students in Peten, Guatemala embrace modern technology for the very first time.

“After spending months raising money and organizing this project, it was unbelievably satisfying to see dozens of students squeezing into the new lab so they could get their first taste of something many of us take for granted,” says Geisel, who is an in-demand public speaker and award-winning software engineer. “While much of Guatemala has very limited Internet access and the country has a long way to go before matching the Western world, helping students explore technology right now is a great way to prepare them for the future when technology comes close to catching up.”

As part of the trek, Geisel and his Brazilian wife Meire visited the famous Tikal Pyramids, explored the local wildlife, and even attended a marching band competition between area schools. The Geisels visit Guatemala practically every year as part of the Hearts in Action International charity, but next year they plan on visiting Brazil next year as part of their outreach.

About Brian Geisel
Brian Geisel is a world-class software engineer, blogger, and public speaker who builds web apps and mobile apps for businesses of all sizes. An RIT alum and former radio host, Geisel has hosted online webinars and given presentations at various business groups. Geisel blogs about mobile app development, the cloud, and small business topics, and he has been featured in,, and other high-profile sites.

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