NEW PVPC Website Launched by the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission

The Pioneer Valley Planning Commission launched its new website on May 7th. From the announcement:

We are excited to announce the launch of a new PVPC website by the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission. The improved website is especially designed to make it easier and more engaging for different categories of users-citizens, planners, and media members alike-to search, explore, and connect with PVPC staff and the commission’s diverse areas of work.

With the aim of creating a different web model rather than just a redesign, PVPC contracted with Shrewsbury-based Geisel Software, Inc. to build a new site with Drupal, an open-source content management platform used by numerous non-profit, education, economic, and government entities.

The new PVPC website features an interactive community map of the 43 towns and cities that are part of the planning commission. Each community then has its own page with a list of projects, plans and events that relate to that particular community.

“With all the community-based content that PVPC needed to present, it was an innovative solution to give each community its own space. Now community members can receive updates about their town, or stay informed about a project of particular interest. The fact that PVPC had demographic data already available in an internal database made it easy to include that data on a per community basis, and make this a unique offering.”, said Brian Geisel, CEO of Geisel Software.

Check out the new Pioneer Valley Planning Commission website for yourself.

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