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The secure, reliable, over-the-air device firmware management platform.

Nitrium™ is an Over-The-Air (OTA) device firmware management platform created by GSI that allows you to safely manage and update firmware for your entire fleet of connected devices from a single dashboard. Quickly and easily deploy new features, bug fixes, security updates and more to just a few or up to millions of devices with limited disruption to device performance.

Quick & Scalable

Nitrium's web-based user interface allows you to quickly and easily upload and manage firmware across many different products and devices for just a few or up to millions of devices.

Secure & Reliable

Our "end-to-end" IoT security philosophy allows you to safely push OTA updates knowing you're covered by the latest security practices. Learn more about Nitrium’s end-to-end security here.

Flexible Rollouts

Easily group your devices by geography, software version or other attributes to customize deployment details liked how and when to deploy for subsets of your entire fleet.

Easy to Use

Cloud storage provided on the platform eliminates the complexity of uploading and retrieving packages and firmware from your own software solutions.

Valuable Device Data

Live activity dashboard shows live, connected devices, as well as other meta-data useful for metric analysis and device troubleshooting.

Reduced Development Time

Language and architecture specific SDKs help developers write embedded software to communicate with Nitrium servers.