FLIR Systems

Geisel Software developed an operator control user interface for FLIR to address the U.S. Military’s vision of a universal controller that would allow operators to direct their entire fleet from a single device.


FLIR Systems needed help to expeditiously develop an operator control user interface (UI) for their lifesaving, bomb-defusing robots. It features a universal controller that allows operators to view and control other UGVs, as well as unmanned aircraft, for improved battlefield awareness. It was a large-scale, complex project with a compressed six-month timeline and mission-critical deadline.


Having worked together on previous projects, FLIR knew Geisel Software had a track record of success and the skilled engineers to get the project done by the critical deadline. Geisel engineers developed a high-quality, performant UI running on a tablet computer using modern, web-based technologies.

  • Support for additional payloads.
  • Reduce latency of robot communication and video display.
  • Easy-to-manage robot/application settings, including many types of cameras and related lighting.
  • Ability to control multiple robots, relinquishing control of one and taking control of another.
  • Developed code in a highly secure environment.
  • Status reporting for battery levels, communications, and any errors.
  • Global and local positioning and orientation of the robot.


Geisel also solved several tough technical problems, including a troublesome video decode issue. During the integration phase, the Geisel team worked onsite with FLIR engineers to troubleshoot and resolve the many integration challenges common in designing complicated robotic systems.


Geisel Software successfully delivered a complex application that was a key component in FLIR’s overall robot system within an incredibly short six-month time frame. The easy-to-use touchscreen has picture-in-picture video streaming and offers multiple camera angles, manual joystick and touch screen integration, plus preset poses to rapidly position the robot. Geisel’s software development, architecture, project management, UI/UX, JavaScript and SQA skills, combined with their expertise in web applications, robotics and security, helped FLIR to complete the project on time and within budget. The UI work for the initial project was designed with future projects in mind. FLIR retained the Geisel team for their unique set of skills to continue work on their next robot.

“I highly recommend Geisel Software for your small or large development projects. We developed a transparent relationship with the Geisel team. They felt like an extension of our own team and put in the extra effort needed to hit our incredibly tight deadline. They were very flexible as our needs changed, working within our budget and schedule constraints to deliver a quality product on time.”

David Weatherwax
Director of Software
FLIR Systems