Revolutionizing First Response – SOS Live

SOS Live is an enterprise-grade, edge cloud solution that connects and automates mission-critical equipment to provide rapid, real-time situational awareness to first responders. The virtual command platform integrates UAVs, cameras, sensors, and mobile devices for remote autonomous control and live data ingestion. An AI-based application preemptively detects threats and equips responders with mission-critical information.

The Challenge: Revolutionizing First Response

SafeOps Systems (SOS) envisioned a future where autonomous Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) save lives by delivering critical information swiftly to those who need it the most. The goal was clear, yet the path toward it demanded a level of technical expertise that could transform this ambitious idea into a tangible solution.

SOS needed a prototype – an off-the-shelf drone integrated with Tablet Command, a firefighter dispatch software. And so, they engaged Geisel Software to bring this life-saving vision to life and achieve their goal of revolutionizing first response.

The Solution: An Unprecedented Low-Cost, Compact UAS

Geisel Software rose to the challenge, developing a low-cost, compact UAS proof-of-concept for police and fire department response that is revolutionizing first response. The Geisel team provided an all-inclusive solution, handling every aspect of the project, from initial requirements and architectural design to software development, integration, and demonstration.

They masterfully navigated complex challenges such as HD and thermal streaming video from UAVs, cellular communication from UAVs replacing WiFi, and cloud application support for multiple UAVs streaming video simultaneously. They also designed UAV safety features compliant with FAA regulations for beyond-line-of-sight flights and incorporated object avoidance based on county LIDAR maps of terrain and objects.

The Results: A Game-Changing Command System

As SOS’s primary software development team, Geisel Software did more than just develop a solution; they revolutionized the entire command system. They brought to life low-latency video streaming, path planning, obstacle avoidance, and other autonomous behaviors, all integral components of this ground-breaking command system.

The first customer demo, delivered to a local fire department, was a resounding success. The project not only marked a significant milestone for SOS but also paved the way for their first application for a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award.