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Internet of Things Software Development

New technology meets
seasoned experience

With a deep understanding of traditional technologies that only comes with years of experience, combined with a passion for staying a head of the technology curve, Geisel Software is defining the future of technology.

Our team of revolutionary thinkers and problem-solvers are embracing innovation to tackle some of the toughest technical challenges, including:

  • Physics-based robotic simulation
  • Robotic movement
  • Image processing for AI applications
  • Mapping and localization of robotic swarms
  • Multimedia instruction, training and learning automation
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Internet of Things Software Development

Internet of Things
Software Development

Geisel Software is a team of embedded device software engineers and app developers with a passion for creating robust solutions for IoT and beyond. In addition to on-device software, we focus on building secure, reliable connections between your device and users.

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Mobile Applications Development

Mobile Applications

Smart. Sophisticated. Connected. The most successful mobile applications today link to web apps, payment portals, GPS, social networks and IoT devices. Connectivity is what Geisel Software does best.

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Web Applications

Web Application

Reduce development time by going with an experienced leader -- not only in web applications, but specifically in connecting them to devices. Geisel Software serves up efficiency and a new look at data for robotics, health care, education and more.

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Internet of Things Security

Internet of Things
Security Analysis

Security breaches are an all too common occurrence in IoT devices which could add up to millions of dollars in liabilities. Geisel Software can help identify potential security cracks vulnerable to hackers in your IoT device, mobile apps and web applications.

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Our Clients

Powerful, Innovative
Custom Robotics
Software Services

Download Geisel Software's "Robotics Snapshot" !

Robotics software has become incredibly sophisticated with artificial intelligence, neural networking, autonomous robot systems,robot swarms and more. Naturally, it means robotics developers are in high demand.

But highly skilled robotics engineers are hard to find. In a recent study by Deloitte, it was estimated that the robotics/AI skills gap could grow to 2.4 million open jobs in 2028.

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