• Small Business Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

    Small Business Computing

    "Most SMBs aren't storing petabytes of data, and they need only a reasonable amount of reliability," says Brian Geisel, CEO of Geisel Software. "The [high] cost really comes in around how quickly your data can be recovered."

  • Will Apple Inc.'s 'iOS in the Car' Upend the Entire Auto Industry?


    But Brian Geisel, the CEO of Geisel Software, a developer of mobile, Web, and embedded applications, thinks that even though they might resist now, the popularity of Apple could eventually compel automakers to partner with Apple or other major tech companies.

  • Revolutionizing Robotics - Canada's Largest Jobposting Site

    [Geisel] adds that the field is continuing to grow and diversify, especially since you can now work on everything from the robots that handle the warehouses to stock WalMart stores to assisting with a NASA (or private) mission to Mars.