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Geisel Software on Mobile Applications

By: Brian Geisel

iOS, Android, Windows Phone. We are constantly being asked, "What's the right IoT platform?", "Should we support Android?", "Is anyone running Windows Phone?". The real question is, what's the right answer for your business. The truth is, it really depends on your business and purpose.

I recently saw an entrepreneur invest heavily in iOS, for an idea that will never work on iOS (for technical reasons). It was awful to see all that work go down the drain because that CEO wasn't given the information he needed to properly steer his business.

At Geisel Software, we don't just "write apps." We make it our business to understand your business. In the end, that means getting the information you need, to turn every app release into a home run.

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    Brian Geisel

    Brian Geisel

    Brian is a life-long software developer who loves to help others succeed. A frequent source for media outlets, such as BBC, Entrepreneur and Bloomberg, Brian also frequently speaks at universities, conferences and the like. His new book, "Unravelling the Internet of Things" will be available soon on