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Password hashing data protection

Mastering Password Hashing: Protect Your Data from Rainbow Table Attacks

Imagine waking up to find that your email, social media accounts, and even your online banking have been compromised. Sophisticated hacking techniques are constantly evolving, making securing user data more important than ever and passwords are your first line of defense against unauthorized access. That’s why it’s crucial to protect them effectively. Let’s dive into […]

synthetic data for sensor tech

Synthetic Data is Revolutionizing Sensor Tech: Real Results from Virtual Worlds

Imagine you’re a developer on your first day at a new job. You’re handed a state-of-the-art sensor designed to capture data for an autonomous vehicle. The excitement quickly turns to anxiety as you realize the monumental task ahead. Testing this sensor in the chaotic real world feels daunting, if not terrifying. The thought of navigating […]

Software development culture

Software Development Culture: Why Software Developers Don’t Wear Shoes

Why don’t software developers wear shoes? This question might sound bizarre, but it’s a window into understanding the unique software development culture and mindset of software creators. With more years in software development than I might willingly admit, I’ve spent a substantial part of my career navigating and understanding cultural idiosyncrasies that define the software […]

Harnessing the Power of ChatGPT - Tech Talk

One Giant Leap: How to Harness the Incredible Power of ChatGPT Productivity – Tech Talk

At GSI, one of our core values is continuous education. To foster this culture of learning, we hold weekly tech talks. You’re invited to sit in on this tech talk given by GSI CEO, Brian Geisel, where he delves into how to harness the power of ChatGPT productivity! Use the button below to download our […]

CI/CD: Are You Doing It Right?

CI/CD: Are You Doing It Right?

Intro Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) is a powerful development methodology that can significantly benefit software development teams. Simply put, CI/CD aims to optimize and automate most of the labor usually needed to get software from a commit to production. However, as with any approach, CI/CD needs to be carefully and thoughtfully implemented in […]

FDA to Crack Down on Medical Device Security

Medical Device Security: New FDA Guidelines to Improve Patient Safety

Introduction – IoT in Healthcare Medical device security is a critical concern for patients, healthcare providers, and manufacturers alike. The FDA has passed legislation on the topic to help ensure that medical devices are designed, developed, and maintained with security in mind. In this blog article, we will explore the FDA’s legislation on medical device […]

Will Developers Lose Their jobs to ChatGPT

ChatGPT and Software Development: Will Developers Lose Their Jobs?

Plus an AI Expert’s Opinion ChatGPT, the advanced language model developed by OpenAI, has gained significant attention for its ability to generate human-like text with high accuracy. The model is trained on massive amounts of natural language text that it parses to create responses to user prompts.  With each major leap in AI technology, discussions […]

The Rust Programming Language

Rust Programming Language Revolutionizes Embedded

Is the Rust programming language the future of programming? Programming languages that implement manual memory management (C, C++) give the programmer complete control over what’s happening in memory… but at what cost? Even one small mistake can lead to undefined behavior and security risks. “Around 70 percent of all the vulnerabilities in Microsoft products addressed […]

UI Development Using a Web Stack

Use a Web Stack for Your UI Development. Your Schedule (And Your Engineers!) Will Thank You.

What does a Model T have to do with UI development? Well, did you ever wonder why the first Ford Model T came out 22 years after the introduction of the 1886 Benz, often considered the first practical car? And while only 25 Benz Patent Motorwagens were built between 1886 and 1893, Ford’s Model T […]

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