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One Giant Leap for Productivity: Harnessing the Power of ChatGPT - Tech Talk

By: Brian Geisel

At GSI, one of our core values is continuous education. To foster this culture of learning, we hold weekly tech talks. You’re invited to sit in on this tech talk given by GSI CEO, Brian Geisel, where he delves into how to boost your productivity using ChatGPT!


Use the button below to download our ChatGPT quick guide for developers which lays out the 10 best & worst uses for ChatGPT in software development!


ChatGPT 10 Best & Worst Uses Quick Guide


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  • Author
    Brian Geisel

    Brian Geisel

    Brian is a life-long software developer who loves to help others succeed. A frequent source for media outlets, such as BBC, Entrepreneur and Bloomberg, Brian also frequently speaks at universities, conferences and the like. His new book, "Unravelling the Internet of Things" will be available soon on