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Brian is a life-long software developer who loves to help others succeed. A frequent source for media outlets, such as BBC, Entrepreneur and Bloomberg, Brian also frequently speaks at universities, conferences and the like. His new book, "Unravelling the Internet of Things" will be available soon on

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Brian Geisel, CEO of Geisel Software, is an award-winning mobile and web app developer, software engineer, and in-demand public speaker.

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Brian Geisel
  • "Brian’s approach is truly one of partnership.  He works with you to understand the problem and solution space.  And once on the job, he works with you as part of the team until it’s solved."

    Chris Lord, Bit9, Inc.
  • "[Geisel Software] worked in an extremely efficient manner and produced a high quality product."

    Todd Zukowski, Pioneer Valley Planning Commission
  • "We hired Geisel Software... and they were just amazing to work with. They really achieved every goal we were hoping to achieve with our website. We are extremely happy with the product."

    Molly Goren-Watts, Pioneer Valley Planning Commission
  • "We reached out to Geisel Software and were thrilled with the result... and it was just an overall enjoyable and delightful experience with a great product as a result."

    Scott Miller, Dragon Innovation
  • "Geisel finished the project on time, within budget, and with the feature sets that our clients required. At any time, we'd be happy to recommend Geisel Software."

    Tom Podnar, Microlite Corp

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