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Mobile Application Development

Software Dev / Security Validation / Manufacturing Preparedness

Entertainment and Education. Workplace and Home. Mobile applications are changing the way that we live, work and play. Both complex health problems and immersive sharing experiences are now solved and brought to life with lines of code. The possibilities are infinite when you have team of experienced software and mobile application developers like Geisel Software on your side.


How We Can Help

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    Mobile App Strategy

    We'll help you decide if it's best to release on Android, iOS or both given your budget, timeframes and other considerations.

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    UX/UI Design

    Mobile app users crave elegant, functional designs that create memorable experiences. From practical wireframes to alluring visual designs, Geisel Software’s designers can help you bring your mobile app vision to life.

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    Mobile App Engineering

    The devil is in the details. Engineering, coding and testing is an integral part of our mobile app development process. Our software engineers and quality assurance team members are hawk-eyed, laser-focused super heroes who love rolling up their sleeves for new challenges.

  • 4

    Mobile App Integration

    Mobile applications can be smart, sophisticated and, now, connected. The most successful mobile applications today link to companion web applications, payment portals, GPS, social networks, and Bluetooth. Connectivity and confluence is what Geisel Software does best.

  • 5

    Internet of Things Mobile App Controls

    IoT devices can be controlled from the palm of your hand. Using RFID technology to control IoT devices near you, or remote applications to control IoT from afar, Geisel Software can help you develop a mobile strategy in harmony with your IoT device.

  • 6

    Mobile App Maintenance

    The mobile application environment changes weekly. Without control over third-party APIs, algorithms and applications linked to your app, you never know when forces outside of your control could cause errors. Geisel Software can provide lifecycle maintenance to ensure your mobile app receives on-going support.

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