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of Things

Sophisticated Solutions for a Connected World.

Software Dev / Security Validation / Manufacturing Preparedness

The world is connecting in amazing ways. Robots clean our floors. Medical devices pump our hearts. Mobile devices remotely control appliances in our homes. We’re building machines with embedded software that make our lives easier and make us live longer.

Now with the power of cloud computing, we can develop embedded software technologies that are connected and controlled from anywhere. This is the Internet of Things revolution.

The International Data Corporation says the worldwide IoT market will grow to $1.7 trillion by 2020. Geisel Software can help you tap into this opportunity in ways few other engineers can: we develop IoT software PLUS companion IoT web apps and mobile apps.

How We Can Help

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    Develop embedded software for connected devices

    Internet of Things development is a difficult task. Unlike mobile app development, there are no hard and fast set of rules. It’s a different world that requires creative software developers to navigate through mechanical, electrical and security issues that aren’t well-documented. Experience is the mother of Internet of Things. At Geisel Software, we leverage our expertise to architect comprehensive embedded software development solutions including UX Design and Back End Development.

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    Software development project partnerships

    Robotics companies and other product development managers hire Geisel Software to assist in Internet of Things development. From ensuring the correct architecture is used to testing prototypes, we can become a dynamic part of your team to speed up the development process.

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    Develop web or mobile applications for connected devices

    When it comes to connecting Internet of Thing devices to mobile and web applications, Geisel Software shines. Due to our extensive experience in all three development areas – embedded software, mobile and web – we can provide the interconnectivity required to edge ahead of your competition.

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    Internet of Things manufacturing preparedness

    Your big idea could come to a screeching halt at the production line. With hardware manufacturers eager to push production out the door, emphasis is rarely placed on quality control of the software on the manufacturing line. Geisel Software can develop automated manufacturing testing controls to ensure your device is leaving the production plant fully functioning.

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    Embedded software security validation and testing

    Gaps. Cracks. Voids. Many times Product Developers don’t understand the nuances that hackers can exploit until it is too late, costing companies millions of dollars in recalls and security breaches. Our holistic approach to software development gives Geisel Software in-depth, detailed knowledge on how to make your Internet of Things project iron-clad.

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