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Case Study:



To improve quality of life for patients, PharmAdva created a connected pill dispensing device. Their technology reduces the high percentage of human error when taking medications and holding patients accountable.

Project Challenge
PharmAdva already had skilled software and hardware engineers on their team, but a connected device was a new undertaking for them. Security is important for every device, but especially so in medical environments. With Geisel Software’s connected medical device experience, it was the logical choice to make sure PharmAdva’s device was secure and compliant.

Project Solution
On the Device, Geisel got the project started on the right foot, so PharmAdva’s engineering team could jump in and get their own software moving forward. Geisel setup the Linux platform on the embedded device and wrote all of the connected device code, so that the box could communicate over the network to a backend web service.

In the Cloud, PharmAdva also asked Geisel Software to build a complete cloud-based web service. Geisel designed a portal that looked good and had the right feel for the medical caregivers who would be its primary users. The portal was designed to allow caregivers and loved ones to be notified in the event that a patient was not taking their medication or
that a device had become unresponsive. All the while, making sure that patient data was not shared and that the device and portal were completely secure.