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  • Brian Geisel, a former radio host, founder, and current CEO of top-notch software development firm Geisel Software, recently hosted a highly successful ExecSense webinar that showed audiences exactly what to look for in potential new hires. September 10, 2013, Shrewsbury, MA--Brian Geisel, CEO of web and mobile app development firm Geisel Software, held an exclusive ExecSense webinar on August 16th on how companies should hire software developers. Titled “Best Practices for Hiring In-House
  • Geisel Software Gets A+ Grade from Software Provider Microlite Geisel Software, Inc. (GSI) a leading web and iPhone app developer, has received top marks from popular backup software company Microlite for work on a complex, Linux-focused project. Working at the kernel level on both multi-path systems and software RAID, Geisel Software developed and enhanced security for Microlite's BackupEDGE product, all the while meeting deadlines and staying within budget. “Geisel Software not only brought
  • Geisel Software CEO Interviewed in Minyanville Story on iOS in the Car In the article, Brian Geisel, CEO of web and mobile app development firm Geisel Software, talked about the projected impact of Apple's operating system on future automobiles. Shrewsbury, Mass., July 3, 2013 – , Inc. (GSI) a leading web and mobile applications developer was quoted extensively in a story about “iOS in the car” by the business and investment news site Minyanville. The article, featured on both the Minyanville
  • Geisel Software to create web apps for small businesses
  • Small and medium-sized businesses is an essential catalyst in every economy worldwide. They contribute significant positive changes in the form of aggregate savings, employment, and investments which are indicators of growth. In spite of the positive contributions SMEs bring which positively affects the economic conditions of countries worldwide, one thing remains the same. Unlike well-funded companies, SMEs still do not get the support they deserve from most vendors. And since they lack the
  • Mobile computing has become the name of the game in the past few years. It has swept the world over incorporating touch interface technology which revolutionized the rest of the mobile computing environment. Vendors and manufacturers have given rise to a dormant technology which has been around since the 1960s, but recently reintroduced by Apple when it launched the iPhone in 2007. One of the most popular platforms that emerged following this reintroduction of touch technology is the birth of