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  • <p>We're presenting this year at IoT Slam, starting December 9th.</p>
  • PVPC launched a new website, architected by Geisel Software.
  • Brian Geisel teaches tech in remote Guatemala Brian Geisel, software engineer and CEO of Geisel Software, spent almost three weeks in August building a computer lab in one of the most primitive environments possible: The Guatemalan jungle. Facing epic rainstorms, crushing humidity, and rationed Internet access, Geisel built desks, assembled computers and helped dozens of students in Peten, Guatemala embrace modern technology for the very first time. “After spending months raising money and
  • Brian Geisel gives exclusive speech at Boston Rotary Club
  • CEO Brian Geisel talks robotics on Canadian website. How can you break into the robotics business? Brian Geisel has significant experience working on robotics for major companies, so he was naturally interviewed on the topic for Canada's #1 job and job intel site, Cross disciplines are important, as is a love for solving complex problems. Read "Revolutionizing Robotics" at…!
  • Brian Geisel featured on Software Engineer Brian Geisel has answered a burning question for anyone who wants to work for a startup or build an app: Should you work for equity? In a front-page article, Geisel explained the pros and cons of working for free in the hopes that you'll get paid - big-time - down the line. Read "The Pros and Cons of working for equity" at