Minyanville Article on iOS in the Car Features Geisel Software CEO

Geisel Software CEO Interviewed in Minyanville Story on iOS in the Car

In Minyanville’s article on iOS in the car, Brian Geisel, CEO of web and mobile app development firm Geisel Software, talked about the projected impact of Apple’s operating system on future automobiles.

Shrewsbury, Mass., July 3, 2013 – , Inc. (GSI) a leading web and mobile applications developer was quoted extensively in a story about “iOS in the car” by the business and investment news site Minyanville. The article, featured on both the Minyanville website and a Minyanville mobile phone app, speculated on the impact Apple’s operating system will have on the auto industry when up to a dozen auto makers offer it in cars in 2014. The article can be seen here: http://www.minyanville.com/sectors/technology/articles/WIll-Apple-Inc25…

“If Apple pushes for proprietary systems, then the Apple Maps problem could be a huge barrier for the success of ‘iOS in the car’,” said Geisel in the Minyanville story. “However, if they continue with the app model, it could provide better access to manufactures like TomTom and Garmin for better integrating their own systems into these cars.”

Minyanville is one of the most popular all-in-one business sites, offering stock market info, technology and business news. Geisel software, a leader in web application development, has been quoted in numerous business articles about mobile and web app development on a variety of sites and publications, but the Minyanville story was the first focusing on Apple’s future integration in automobiles.

About Geisel Software
Massachusetts-based Geisel Software, led by software expert Brian Geisel, currently develops web and mobile applications for iOS and Android phones, tablets and more. Made up of a team of developers that live across the globe, Geisel Software offers a significant edge in both local and international software design and implementation. The company has worked with many major companies including iRobot, Bit9 and Microlite. To find out about GSI’s services, technological expertise, and more, visit www.geisel-software.com.
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