Backup Software Provider Microlite Awards Geisel Software an A+

Backup software company Microlite gives Geisel Software top marks for work on a complex, Linux-focused project. Working at the kernel level on both multi-path systems and software RAID, Geisel Software developed and enhanced security for Microlite’s BackupEDGE product, all the while meeting deadlines and staying within budget.

“Geisel Software not only brought expertise to the table, they were able to leverage their own industry connections to gather information, gather hardware, and put together a solution that we’d never be able to complete within a reasonable time frame,” says Tom Podnar, CEO and founder of Microlite. “Geisel Software finished the project on time, within budget, and with the exact feature set that our clients required.”

About Geisel Software
Massachusetts-based Geisel Software, led by software expert Brian Geisel, currently develops web and mobile applications for iOS and Android phones, tablets and more. Made up of a team of developers that live across the globe, Geisel Software offers a significant edge in both local and international software design and implementation. The company has worked with many major companies including iRobot, Bit9 and Microlite. To find out about GSI’s services, technological expertise, and more, visit

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