Apple iOS 6: New Feature Preview

Apple has announced the feature set for the coming iOS 6. As usual, the new version adds increased functionality. What’s more, is that iOS 6 represents a significant advancement in integration of technologies.

On the feature list, Apple iOS 6 has added maps — a feature previously dominated by Google-owned Android. Several other features have been significantly improved, including improvements to Safari and Mail and — my personal favorite — FaceTime over cellular networks.

Facebook is now much more integrated into the OS. This was done to an extent with Twitter in iOS 5, but version 6 further integrates social networking into the operating system and adds Facebook into the fold. What’s further is Siri will now work on the new iPad (Generation 3) and is itself (herself?) better integrated into the OS, allowing for more usefulness out of the voice interface.

With the set of features added in this Apple iOS 6, it’s not hard to see the direction(s) Apple is headed in. Obviously they cut into a clear Android advantage with the new mapping feature. Passbook integrates giftcards, tickets, and boarding passes into the OS. Shared Photo Streams includes the ability to share photos with friends and family, a technology which, presently is clearly dominated by Facebook.

See the Apple site for more information on the Apple iOS 6 Preview.

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