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The Power of
Web Applications

Software Solutions for IoT Devices and Beyond

Software Dev / Security Validation / Manufacturing Preparedness

Problem Solved. Efficiency Served. The realm of possibilities in web application development has truly opened into infinite territory. If you’re at the intersection of change and technology, we can tailor a software solution to best serve you.


How We Can Help

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    Streamline Operations

    Efficiencies through technology continue to evolve. That means your business could be benefitting from time and cost savings by creating in-house databases and applications to support your workforce’s productivity. Geisel Software can take a look at your current operations and recommend ways to automate and better organize work flow in a secure and safe environment.

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    Increase Communications

    Empower your mobile workforce with web applications that allow them to focus on their core competencies. Reduce daily distractions and unnecessary tasks by increasing cloud communication throughout your organization. Even connect your application to popular social media sites for sharing.

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    Web Applications for Internet of Things Devices

    We understand embedded software. After all, that’s part of our core expertise. Many companies have relied on Geisel Software to develop the web application for their Internet of Things devices because we speak the same industry language. The work is detailed, exacting and dare we say…fun.

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Building Security Culture

Building a Culture Of Security

Learn how to build a culture of security that addresses your company’s specific security needs while maximizing productivity.