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About Us

Innovative Software.

Internet of Things. Mobile apps. Web applications. When it comes to software, we can get you connected, securely.

While you succeed because you know your business, we succeed when we harness the power of technology, develop something amazing, and use it to make your business grow.

At Geisel Software, our highly-trained, innovative development team creates elegantly-designed, world-class web, mobile apps and embedded software that not only works to perfection, but scales to fit your business.

We routinely tackle projects with a wide range of time-frames, and often create and manage software with open-ended lifespans. We start projects from the idea stage or parachute in and fix software derailed by poor design, all the while consistently meeting deadlines.

We believe that every task, from building a web-based product interface to crafting an app for the iPhone, can only succeed if we communicate and collaborate with you throughout the process.

At Geisel Software, we do more than tell you how great your end result will be, we draw the map, walk you down the path, and deliver a product you’ll be proud of.

How We Can Help

  • Internet of Things Development

    For software, Internet of Things means coding your device at the bare metal. Firmware, embedded development, deep embedded, or device software have all been used to describe the intelligence of your device itself. How ever you choose to refer to it, for us, it's expertise.

  • Mobile Apps Development

    Android and iOS app development that looks as beautiful as it functions. Our engineers regularly work with connected devices -- and even easier, independent apps. Either way, you know you're getting the best.

  • Web Apps Development

    Sometimes you need a web application and you don't even know it. Have a mobile app that communicates to the cloud or allows users to interact? You'll need the cloud for that. We understand how to aggregate your data and make it presentable to users in every possible way.

Visit Our Offices

Geisel Software is located in the historic Higgins Armory at 100 Barber Avenue in Worcester, Massachusetts. For almost one-hundred years, Higgins Armory stood as a symbol of stability and security. It was once the only museum dedicated solely to arms and armor and was the second largest collection of such items in the United States (behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC).

It's hard to imagine a better place for a modern software development company, tasked with arming your software against present-day threats of all kinds. While nations once battled nations with swords and shields, today even your software may be attacked by nation-state level threats. It would seem that Higgins Armory still hosts a world of defensive armor, but today it has replaced chain mail and steel shields with secured software and strong encryption.