Brian Geisel, a former radio host, founder, and current CEO of top-notch software development firm Geisel Software, recently hosted a highly successful ExecSense webinar that showed audiences exactly what to look for in potential new hires.

September 10, 2013, Shrewsbury, MA--Brian Geisel, CEO of web and mobile app development firm Geisel Software, held an exclusive ExecSense webinar on August 16th on how companies should hire software developers. Titled “Best Practices for Hiring In-House Software and Hardware Engineers”, the 2 pm EST webinar lasted more than an hour and focused on a tried-and-true strategy for identifying and hiring the very best tech talent.

“As someone who has hired numerous people for mobile and web application development, I've learned first-hand the right and wrong ways to both identify and bring in new software employees,” says guest speaker Brian Geisel, who has worked with iRobot, Bit9 and other major companies. “If you run a business and need to hire engineers, this webinar discussed, from A to Z, what to look for, what questions to ask, and how to find the best candidates possible.”

ExecSense is one of the world's leading business eLearning services, giving business owners and managers access to thousands of webinars, books and podcasts for a yearly pass or single item fee. ExecSense webinar guests have included executives from Nike, Pepsico, UPS and other global companies. Geisel is an in-demand guest speaker, software engineer, and former radio host.

About Geisel Software
Massachusetts-based Geisel Software, led by software expert Brian Geisel, currently develops web and mobile applications for iPhones, iPads, and more. Made up of a team of developers that live across the globe, Geisel Software offers a significant edge in both local and international software design and implementation. The company has worked with many major companies including iRobot, Bit9 and Microlite. To find out more about Geisel Software.