Microlite Corporation

Microlite Corporation has been in business since 1983, and has been committed to the Backup Software Marketplace since 1987.

We’re the leader in Bare Metal Disaster Recovery Technology for Linux (IA32 and EM64T/AMD64 architectures), SCO OpenServer 6, OpenServer 5, and UnixWare 7, and we were the first company to bring a commercial bare metal disaster recovery product to market for each of those operating systems, as well as SCO Unix 3.2.x. We are recognized as having the most advanced bare metal disaster recovery product available for each of those platforms.

Our backup product contains many advanced features, including…

  • Encrypted Archives. Using a combination of 2048-bit RSA and 256-bit AES encryption, our optional encryption module creates secure archives easily.
  • MySQLā„¢ Hot backups. Performed as part of a system backup or as a separately scheduled task.
  • Blu-ray Discā„¢ re-writable media support, including bootable bare-metal disaster recovery and multiple archives per medium.
  • S3 Backups. Backup servers to the Amazon Web Services Simple Storage Service (S3) web cloud.
  • FTP Backups. Any remote server, device or appliance with fully functional FTP / FTPS server can be used to store backups. This includes most desktop and rackmount NAS devices. A special re-startable mode can be used when unreliable connections are involved.
  • D2D Backups. Removable/spare hard disks can hold multiple generations of archives, and be mounted and unmounted automatically as necessary.
  • Advanced Device Support. Detection, control, support, and diagnostics, including TapeAlertā„¢.
  • Microlite Fast File Restoreā„¢. The most advanced Quick File Access technology available, it works on SCSI tape drives for all platforms, and also on ATAPI tape drives under Linux and UnixWare.
  • Microlite Instant File Restoreā„¢. For SharpDriveā„¢, Optical, REVā„¢, AWS, FTP and FSP backups. Provides less than 1 second access times when restoring from these Resource types.
  • ACL Support. It you are using Access Control Lists for additional security in your operating environment, we’ll back them up and restore them automatically.
  • Full File Checksum Verify. While others stop at bit-level and header checksum verify, BackupEDGE adds a third verify type to ensure that archives can be read reliably months or even years later.
  • SCSI / SAS Autochanger/Library Support. No “works with operating system commands” here. Like our Advanced Device Support, we use our own command set, complete with a User API and complete PVT (barcode) support.
  • Remote Device Support. We back up to remote devices on a network as easily as we backup up to local drives. Restore, Fast File Restore / Instant File Restore, and even bare metal Disaster Recovery work just the same as if the device was locally attached. Runs transparently over an ssh (or even an rsh) connection.
  • Automatic Device Detection and Setup. During installation, our Setup Wizard automatically detects and configures each of your tape, autoloader and optical devices. You don’t even need to know the device name.
  • Multi-Functional User Interface. A single integrated user interface runs in character mode, graphical mode or as a web service allowing remote administration from any broswer with a Java plug-in.

If you have never used a Microlite backup product, we invite you to download a free, fully functional demo copy, or check out our brochures and technical articles for additional information. Our products are available from better UNIX and Linux distributors, VARs and dealers throughout the world .

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