Sterilis Medical Waste Processing System: From Hazardous to Harmless

Sterilize created a connected device that converts medical waste into solid, sterile trash.

Medical Waste Processing System Challenge

Sterilis Solutions had achieved significant progress with a robust prototype of their medical waste processing system but required the expertise of an experienced IoT firm to secure their software and prepare their product for production.


Geisel Software conducted an initial security audit and quickly developed a secure, production-ready cloud platform for Sterilis Solutions. This platform secured their device and web portal, and facilitated easy access to customer accounts for their sales and internal teams. Recognizing the importance of reliable communications between the machine and the cloud, Geisel Software also handled the device-side communications. “Reliable communications between the machine and the cloud are vital to the system as a whole, and it made sense for Geisel Software to also handle the device side of those communications. Geisel Software had the experience and knowledge to jump in and contribute in the device software,” said Jeanne Petrangelo of Sterilis Solutions.

Beyond the initial solution, Geisel Software helped Sterilis Solutions design a better architecture around their connected device. This enhancement ensured more reliable and efficient communication with the cloud, thereby improving the overall performance, stability, and efficiency of the device. This resulted in seamless user and machine interaction with the cloud-based interface.


The collaboration between Geisel Software and Sterilis Solutions led to the development of a secure, efficient, and production-ready cloud platform that ensured reliable device-cloud communications. The improved architecture of the connected device facilitated seamless interactions with the cloud interface, enhancing both user experience and operational efficiency.

Key Benefits and Takeaways

Enhanced Security: Geisel Software’s security audit and solutions ensured a robust and secure platform for Sterilis Solution’s device and web portal.

Improved Communication: The reliable communication channel between the device and the cloud enhanced the overall system functionality.

Efficient Architecture: The redesign of the device architecture improved performance, stability, and efficiency, ensuring seamless interaction with the cloud interface.

User Experience: Streamlined access to customer accounts and an efficient cloud interface significantly improved the user experience for both sales and internal teams.

Expert Collaboration: Geisel Software’s expertise in IoT and device communications played a crucial role in bringing Sterilis Solution’s product to production readiness.

This comprehensive approach not only addressed Sterilis Solution’s immediate needs but also provided a scalable and secure foundation for future growth and enhancements.

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