Sterilis Medical Waste Processing System

Sterilize created a connected device that converts medical waste into solid, sterile trash.

Project Challenge

Sterilis Medical had gained great traction with a solid prototype of their project, but needed an experienced IoT firm to secure their software and make their product production ready.

Project Solution

After an initial security audit, Geisel Software quickly built a secure, production-ready cloud platform that Sterilis would eventually use to deploy. It secured their device and web portal, and also made easy access to customer accounts for their sales and internal teams. What about the device itself? “Reliable communications between the machine and the cloud are vital to the system as a whole, and it made sense for Geisel Software to also handle the device side of those communications. Geisel Software had the experience and knowledge to jump in and contribute in the device software.”, said Jeanne Petrangelo of Sterilis Medical.

Additional Work

Geisel Software helped Sterilis Medical design a better architecture around their connected device so that it could more reliably and efficiently communicate with the cloud. Geisel continued to improve the performance, stability and efficiency of their device so that the user and machine interaction with the cloud-based interface is seamless.