A Sleek, New User Interface for a Medical Device

A leading healthcare technology company, renowned for pioneering innovative medical solutions, is dedicated to enhancing patient care by merging state-of-the-art technology with a focus on patient outcomes. With a robust portfolio of products distributed across numerous countries, the company is a testament to global healthcare advancement, ensuring quality and accessibility in healthcare technologies.

User Interface for a medical Device Challenge

A manufacturer of diagnostic blood analyzers embarked on the development of a new version of their electrolyte measurement system, integrating cutting-edge analysis technology to ensure the highest accuracy and efficiency. Alongside the technological advancements, the company aimed to upgrade their user experience by replacing the outdated text-based interface with a sleek, modern design that would be intuitive and easy to use. However, their internal team of Android developers was fully occupied with other high-priority projects, making it impossible for them to meet the ambitious deadlines for this product launch. Faced with this challenge, the company sought external expertise to bring their vision to life and ensure timely delivery.


The turned to Geisel Software who worked with the manufacturer’s firmware and software teams to meet their project deadline. Geisel architected a solution that incorporated existing code where feasible, simplified the application software, and allowed the new code to be reused with the company‚Äôs other products, resulting in lower product development costs. Geisel also created a screen navigator storyboard that reduced software development and maintenance efforts and will reduce development time for future product releases. In addition, the manufacturer‚Äôs engineers were able to tap into Geisel‚Äôs expansive Android expertise for best practices and tips that will carry over to future projects.


Not only did Geisel deliver an updated user interface, but their extensive product development experience also helped the manufacturer streamline and enhance internal processes. A preliminary version of the new product was made available to the company’s scientists ahead of schedule, further shortening the overall product development cycle.

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