Web Application Development

Web Development

The web has really changed in the last few years. Initially, it was a great storefront for businesses and a way to find information. Then web 2.0 came along and introduced animations and interactions in a way the web hadn't seen before. Now the web has transitioned even further, but no one's really sure what to call it yet. Today the web offers a myriad of application options - beyond presentation, beyond interacting... enter the web of applications.

Businesses today are leveraging the new technologies available to create a rich portfolio of products. Take Google Documents, for example. This is an application space that used to be clearly owned by Microsoft Word. By leveraging the Internet, Google has been able to transition an age-old word processor into a new product with a sizable addition of features which has started to create a strong corporate draw.

The rise of the LAMP platform (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP), coupled with the growth of JavaScript (JQuery, Yahoo API, etc.) has created a tremendous opportunity in the web application space. LAMP provides a platform for interfacing with databases with a web-based front-end. JavaScript (and the associated frameworks) provides a way to run those interfaces on the client side. The two together, provide stability and versatility to create highly functional applications with the power and flexibility of the Internet.

Don't just stay on the ground floor, though. Geisel Software can help get you beyond standard design and applications and into the Cloud. The Cloud has added even further flexibility and functionality to applications -- applications that may reside on your server or in the Cloud themselves. Have a look into some of our technical articles to find out more about Web Application Development or how to get your company into the Cloud.

Web Database

Web-based MySQL DatabaseDatabases are used everywhere in today's world. A plethora of problems can be solved by the simple inclusion of a database in the solution. Often, integrating a database into the web isn't even the first consideration. It just works well that when there is a lot of data to connect and sort through, a web interface is often the easiest way to provide access to that information.

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