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To be a serious player in the mobile space, Android and iPhone are where you need to be. Whether you're working on an app to sell, or a tool to market and promote your products and services, these operating systems are Ground Zero for accomplishing your business goals.

For sleek designs, a huge marketplace and loyal client base, nothing beats Apple. The market for iPhone apps offers triple visibility, as people who buy iPhone apps often use them on iPod Touches, and iPads as well. Obviously, there are even more reasons to be on iOS, but even the iPhone offers its quirks.

Similar to the Digital Equipment Corporation, Apple makes everything as proprietary as possible, down to the cable that connects an iPhone to a charger. Thanks to this, we at GSI have a unique programming language choice for iOS apps: Objective-C. This language is not quite C and not quite C++, so it requires a rare set of developers who can not only use it, but use it well, to make apps for the modern market.

Where the iPhone goes the solo, proprietary route, the Android operating system runs on Java, which is a far more ubiquitous and familiar platform than iOS. Android manufactures many more devices than Apple, so this makes testing apps more involved and challenging. However, Android is seeing explosive growth thanks to netbooks, tablets, and more, so the market for applications is beyond the scope of what can be explained here.

At GSI, we've worked with both operating systems and we've dealt with the challenges of each one. You need experience to succeed in the Android and iPhone markets, and we have the know-how, creativity and discipline to turn your idea into an app that grows your business.

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