The Client

Microlite Corporation, manufacturer of BackupEDGE, a fully-integrated backup restore and recovery system for UNIX and Linux.

The Challenge

Two different clients asked Microlite to develop new product features. The problem? Time. Since the window to complete the projects was very small, Microlite needed a software development firm that would work around the clock and not just deliver those features, but make sure they seamlessly integrated with Microlite's backup system software. Enter Geisel Software.

The Solution

According to Microlite CEO Tom Podnar, the company hired Geisel Software because the developer had the expertise, experience and resources to finish the two new features on time. Brian Geisel, CEO of Geisel Software, already had a mastery of C and C++, the two programming languages needed for the project. This made Geisel Software the turn-key choice.

The Final Result

Once hired, Software Engineer Brian Geisel and his team hunkered down, powered through the project, and delivered the features on time and within budget. They reached out to industry contacts that provided external hardware expertise. The features were both fully-realized and elegantly designed, and integrated perfectly with Microlite's BackupEDGE software.

The Takeaway

In Podnar's own words, “Geisel finished the project on time, within budget, and with the feature sets that our clients required, in a timely fashion. At any time, we'd be happy to recommend Geisel Software.”