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- Innovative C++/Python Software Engineer
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Innovative C++/Python Software Engineer

Do you want to work at the forefront of technology on complex problems that have never been solved before? Are you interested in being part of a company with a mission to get its software in space? Geisel Software is a fast-growing custom software development company with special expertise in embedded and application software, and a passion for staying ahead of the technology curve. Founded in 2011, we have a long history of delivering tech-forward web/cloud, robotic, IoT, and machine learning solutions.

With a client list that includes NASA, Teledyne FLIR, Wyss Institute at Harvard University, iRobot, Medica, and more, we are embracing innovation to solve some of today’s toughest technical challenges. We’re looking for a hard-working individual to join our team in Worcester, Massachusetts who thrives on challenge and is a proven self-starter. This position will put your problem-solving skills to the test, whether that means tracking down answers on Google, from a colleague, or building a new solution on your own.

Key for This Role

  • C++
  • Python
  • Networking Skills
  • Data Visualization

Minimum System Requirements

  • 3+ years of experience with C++ and C
  • Experience with the following packages: matplotlib, numpy, multiprocessing, threading
  • A working understanding of pcap (API) output
  • Willing to commute to Worcester, MA
  • Looking for full-time employment

Full Technical Specifications

  • You’re passionate about software development.
  • Good software foundational skills: clean, well-documented code; collaborative style; solid algorithms understanding; CS theory; mastery of more than one language.
  • An aptitude for learning new platforms and technologies on the fly. We’re constantly working on new projects that will push you and keep you always learning new technologies.
  • Able to take ownership of a project and independently architect, execute and troubleshoot it through completion and customer delivery.
  • Actively pursuing new knowledge and technologies. If you’re a web frontend guru, are you building your backend skills? If you’re an embedded developer, are you developing apps for Android or iOS?
  • Already comfortable on Linux. You can be a Windows/Mac pro, but you’ll be doing at least 50% of your development on Linux. You should be comfortable with that.

Here's what we work with regularly

  • Python3 / Python2
  • Modern C++ (C++11, C++14, C++17, etc.)
  • Robotic Simulation with ROS, RVIZ, Unreal Engine, Unity, and Gazebo
  • Machine Learning (ML) and Computer Vision (CV)
  • Open-Source Frameworks
  • Linux – As a user at least, but also administration and kernel development
  • Distributed computing and inter-process communication (IPC) mechanisms
  • RTOS for mission-critical applications
  • Agile and Hybrid-Agile design methodologies
  • Embedded Development in C/C++ & Rust (Arm or x86)
  • Embedded platforms (Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, OMAP, etc.)

What you’ll get

  • An opportunity to work with the latest technologies across a variety of platforms to create groundbreaking solutions like a web-based interface for a bomb defusing robot and swarming space robots.
  • A fun, exciting work environment with a “by developers for developers” culture focused on results, not politics.
  • An experienced team and mentorship to help you grow in your craft and career.
  • A position with an Inc 5000 fastest growing company offering a full benefits plan and company stock options.

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Geisel Software’s team members come from diverse backgrounds with their own unique experiences and distinct range of knowledge which inspires creativity and innovation. We are proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment where every employee is valued for what they bring to the team.

Apply here and include your resume and a brief cover letter explaining why you think you’d be a great fit at Geisel Software. We’d love to hear about projects you’ve worked on with technologies we’re using. What are you great at and why?