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Case Study:

Medica Corp. EasyLyte

Medica Corp. EasyLyte

Medica Corporation’s EasyLyte® analyzer is an automated, microprocessor-controlled electrolyte measurement system used by laboratories worldwide. EasyLyte features state-of-the-art electronics and a foolproof user interface to quickly deliver precise results.

Project Challenge

Medica was working on the fourth major version of EasyLyte, featuring updated analysis technology. For this product release, Medica also wanted to replace the text-based user interface with a sleek, easy-to-use, modern design. The internal staff of Android developers was fully utilized on other projects and unable to complete the new user interface in time for EasyLyte’s scheduled release.

Project Solution

Medica turned to Geisel Software to work with their firmware and software teams to help them meet their release deadline. Geisel architected a solution that incorporated existing code where feasible, simplified the application software, and allowed the new code to be re-used with Medica’s other products, resulting in lower product development costs. Geisel also created a storyboard that reduces software development and maintenance efforts and will reduce development time for future product releases. In addition, Medica engineers were able to tap into Geisel’s expansive Android expertise for best practices and tips that will carry over to future projects.


Geisel’s extensive product development experience also helped Medica streamline and enhance internal processes. A preliminary version of the new product release was made available to Medica’s scientists ahead of schedule, further shortening the overall product development cycle. Geisel’s controlled development practices and adherence to Medica’s processes also helped ensure FDA acceptance for Medica’s 510K submission.