Speaking Opportunities

Brian Geisel, CEO and founder of Geisel Software, is an award-winning mobile and web app developer, software engineer, and in-demand public speaker. A former radio host who effortlessly breaks down complex topics and presents them to businesses of all sizes, Geisel has hosted exclusive webinars for ExecSense, spoken at Rotary Club International and other major organizations, and given formal and informal presentations for numerous small, medium, and large-scale groups.

With numerous popular and profitable apps under his belt, Geisel specializes in iPhone and Android platforms. Geisel's most popular programs include How do I make money? A guide making money with your mobile app, Android or iPhone: Which platform is right for my app? and Designing an app that fits your specific business.

The software CEO recently trekked to the jungles of Guatemala to teach students how to use computers, and also offers a popular, inspiring presentation titled From the cloud to the jungle: How teaching computers in Guatemala made me a better manager. Geisel is also a prolific blogger and has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Minyanville.com, and other major outlets. He lives in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts with his wife Meire.

Global Speaking Topics

While Geisel has tackled projects of all shapes and sizes, many conference planners hire him to speak on these critical international topics:

Navigating the cultural landscape with your mobile or Web app

Many businesses believe that using the right language is the most important facet of a global Web or mobile app. But there are many other critical things to consider, from cultural sensitivities to native buying habits. Geisel has significant experience creating apps for an international audience, and can deliver real-world knowledge on how to do it right.

Successful language translation for your iPhone, Android or tablet app

If your iPhone, Android or Tablet-based app must be in a language other than your own, poor translation of a phrase – or even a single word – can cause a major uproar or embarrassment. A software translation expert, Geisel can confidently speak on international translation for your mobile app, from pitfalls to practical tips.

Managing and working with BRICs and other international teams

Few modern apps are developed solely by people in one country, and a growing number of software engineers manage BRIC teams with developers in Brazil, Russia, India, China, and other locales. With his long reputation of building and managing offshore teams, Geisel can teach your business or software team the ins and outs of international development, from navigating cultural differences to improving communication.

Understanding embedded development for products beyond computers

Embedded development is software for anything that isn't a full-fledged computer, from GPS systems to microwaves to digital cameras. Because embedded software is unique to the item that uses it, embedded development requires extremely specialized knowledge and hands-on experience. Geisel can easily explain embedded software and its uses to even the most technically-challenged crowd.

Have Brian speak at your conference or seminar

To invite Brian to speak at your conference, seminar or specialty group, please contact Jennifer Anne Perez at +1(619) 630-8722 or [email protected]